GP East Steel Co. was established as a multifaceted division of GP Welding & Erecting Ltd to better serve our growing market in the United States. We specialize in the erection of structural steel buildings across the commercial and industrial sectors, and as experts in our field, offer a high level of experience to address all of your challenges.

We take pride in our ability to meet your deadlines on budget while providing unsurpassed quality, precision and safety.

As a signatory contractor, GP Welding and Erecting Ltd has access to hundreds of active union members including Journeyman Ironworkers, Welders, Rodmen, and Apprentices. The benefits of being a signatory member company with the Ironworker's Union enable us to have:

  • Trained Workforce (Union members are on the Apprentice program or Journeymen)
  • Additional workers on-demand
  • Short-term workers available as needed, no need to hire permanent employees
  • Safety-oriented, certified workers
  • Predictable Labour costs


Our dedication to the safety of our workers and all those involved in our field operations is top priority. All of our workers are trained in new practices and proper equipment operation to ensure your project is completed with the highest degree of safety.


The owners of the company have a long history within this industry and are the foundation on which the company was built. Their extensive knowledge and experience enable them to provide invaluable insight into every project, ensuring schedules are met, problems are solved and satisfaction guaranteed. As owners, their goal is to maintain the brand they have established while managing the company’s exponential growth.

Currently, the company averages the erection of 5,000 - 6,000 tons of structural steel per year and has plans to double this amount in the following years.

Opportunities may exist within our organization outside of union requirements, please visit our 'Careers' page for current opportunities.